Transferring your metadata to new platforms can seem like
moving a mountain

Are you changing or adding Distribution Partners?

Are you looking forward to merging a mess of title records into a new metadata system?

Yeah, we thought not.

But we are data transportation experts!

We can help - because we know that the faster you move your metadata, the sooner you see the revenue and benefits of the change.

When a Publisher changes distributors, adds new online vendors or acquires another Publisher's title list, it's not so much a physical "move" as it is a "data move." At Metadata Tune Up, we understand you may not be looking forward to the headache of aligning title records for backlist and key front list - yet not have the leisure to wait until your IT group gets around to the "ticket" for the task.

That's why we offer our data management services and experience to you. You can rely on the team that moved 60,000 title records in 2017 to new platform homes. We will be happy to handle the logistics - including data cleanup and QC - and work in tandem with your pipeline teams to provide clean and vendor-compliant metadata for print books, ebooks, audio books, and other online products.

Let's face it - you're not having your staff pick up boxes of files and office furniture when you make a physical move. You hire a moving company, ideally one with experience.

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